About the founder

Andrew started developing websites at the young age of 13 and had a passion to bring the internet to every small business. Xenon Cloud was born from an idea to change an industry that is plagued by overcharging customers for solutions such as hosting and cloud computing. Since the creation of Xenon Cloud Andrew has helped launched a suite of products that help small businesses conquer their task and create an impression on the internet. 

"Xenon Cloud is more than just a cloud provider, we build businesses up"

Helping Create Websites

We built beautiful websites to help startups succeed! Through consistent consultation we developed brands for success. We created a customized solution to web design powered by XenonSite our very own web builder software. 


Building affordable solutions is what Xenon Cloud does. XenonSite allows small business owners and students to create stunning websites without breaking a budget. We are the non profit that gives back to the community. 


Creating the new enterprise standard.

Xenon Cloud changed the game with our XCE servers providing unparalleled support to customers of every budget while managing their servers for them. 

Each purchase of an XCE server provides a web hosting account to a small business or student ( We are very proud of this).

Creating opportunity for schools across the nation.

We provide free web hosting to public schools enabling them to share content with the students and community they serve saving them thousands of dollars a year in hosting cost. If your school is not using Xenon Cloud yet you should tell them about all of the benefits of switching.

cPanel Powers Xenon Cloud

Changing Web Hosting

Xenon Cloud released the worlds first non profit hosting solution. Our shared hosting built in the cloud enables thousands of people to obtain affordable hosting and get there business or project online. 

Currently Xenon Cloud offers web hosting to thousands of small business at a fraction of the cost of for profit web hosting companies. 

Let's get you started

Start with our X1 Shared hosting built in the cloud.

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