Choosing the best email marketing software

There are so many different tools out there to provide email marketing solutions. With the abundance of so many tools it can be hard to find the right one to work with your business. Today we are going to go into detail with three tools that we have tested out and found some cool things out about each. Please join us on this journey to finding the best email marketing software.



Although MailChimp is hands down the most used email marketing platform out there are a few contenders catching up but for now MailChimp takes the trophy we found out when it comes to email marketing. The pricing model is very transparent, they have a free tier or you can pay based on how many subscribers you have. The free tier is perfect for bloggers that are just starting out or small businesses. With the free tier you can have 2k subscribers and send 12k emails a month. This is a very generous offer and allows you to really make a dent in email marketing, when we tested out MailChimp we also found that we liked the in depth statistics about the emails sent.

The builder is extremely to use or you can import HTML to use for your email. We found over six thousands templates available for purchase on Themeforest. From this simple point you can say MailChimp takes the trophy yet again with how many templates you can use. We also dived into the automation MailChimp has, we found it to be very useful but a little basic for our needs. It works well with e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce but it lack complete control over the automation side of things. It was a little difficult to use the segmentation aspect as segments were not being created correctly from what customers ordered on the mock store we created.

In all MailChimp is an extremely powerful and easy to use email marketing software, there are some improvements that need to be made with automation. If you start out with MailChimp you can be sure of one thing, you have a solid footing into email marketing and their guides will help out a lot when needing to learn about all of the aspects of email marketing.

Elastic Mail


Elastic Mail has some very powerful features such as SMTP and transactional mail. At one time we used Elastic Mail for all of our transactional email delivery but phased the platform out. There are many positive aspects of this platform and the email marketing segment is also amazing. Elastic Mail also offers a free tier like MailChimp. Their free tier is the most generous we have come across allowing you to send 150,000 emails a month. Elastic Mail has many built in templates you can use for marketing and an easy to use builder.

Transactional mail is where elastic mail wins. If you have an application such as our billing platform and need to send emails based on certain events then this is the software for you. You have to set up an emailing domain first before you can use its platform which is really easy. We needed to send on average 1k+ emails a day and when we were using Elastic Mail we were very happy with the performance of our transactional mail and how fast it was delivered to the customers inbox.

Elastic Mail is a promising email marketing suite and comes with very generous free credits to use. If you are just starting out we would recommend going with a different solution as it may become overwhelming using the control panel. The control panel is a little confusing as things you would think would be there are actually in a different section. With the robust transactional mail platform you cannot go wrong with Elastic Mail if you need to send email from an application.



Mailster is the most affordable solution in our opinion. This is a WordPress plugin you can purchase from CodeCanyon and it is an all-around email marketing powerhouse. Just like MailChimp you can import templates for use and we found it was easier to edit the templates as opposed to MailChimp. If you are using a WordPress site this is the plugin you must have. The downside in some cases is you need an SMTP provider such as Amazon SES or Elastic mail as the plugin does not send mail from the website it uses SMTP. The settings for this plugin are very straightforward and allows you to customize precisely, however, you want to send an email.

The builder is very easy to use although we found that if you do not have a fast server it can become slow and lag. Since this is a WordPress plugin it works very easily for building email subscribers, whenever someone signs up on your site you can choose this plugin to automatically subscribe them to your list. You can also send transactional email from your website such as following up with customers that have made a comment on your post.

Mailster is a very powerful plugin that is good to save cost and have complete control over your email marketing. If you are using WordPress this is a must-have plugin and will serve as a valuable asset to your operation. You will need to become familiar with email marketing practices since you are in full control you also need to make sure you are doing it properly.

In conclusion, there are many options when it comes to email marketing and when you choose your solution you will need to learn all of the aspects of creating the perfect campaigns on their platforms. Like always Xenon Cloud is here for your questions, if you have a question about this article please tweet us @GetXenonCloud.

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