Different live chat options for your business

Live chat is an important part of your business so don’t neglect it. If you are not using live chat for your business you should start immediately and use one of these tools for it. In this article we will go over ten different live chat options you can use for your website. Reasons, why you should be using live chat, Increased Sales, Reduced Expenses, Discover Customer Pain Points, Faster Problem Resolutions and more.

The providers:


PureChat offers completely free live chat for businesses for up to three operators. This can work out very well for you especially if you are a small business. Their plan includes unlimited chats per month so you won’t be stuck with a limit to how many chats you can have and can chat as much as you want. They also offer mobile apps for you to chat from almost any device.

As you can see their dashboard is very user-friendly and you can chat from the web to your customers. You even get insights about your client such as location and insights into their demographics. If you want to send files you can easily do that during a chat no longer do you have to send files by email after the chat.


If you have had a chat and need to refer to it again you can easily do that by browsing the history of chats and review and chat that happened. This is a huge benefit especially if you made an offer to a client and need to follow up with them about what you talked about. The transcript includes everything you talked about as well as all of the demographics of the customer.

PureChat also has AI you can use for lead generation. This is a huge plus and their pricing is very generous because it is completely free to use for their chat software.


FreshChat delivers an extensive approach to live chat by integrating with all of their other products such as FreshDesk and FreshSales. The UI of FreshChat is one of the best we have seen for live chat software making it easier for you to deliver great experiences to your clients through live chat. If you are using FreshDesk for customer support you can easily convert chats into tickets.

Here are the features of FreshChat:

As you can see you get a lot of features with FreshChat our favorite features is the integration with their CRM. This allows you to manage your clients and prospects and import leads that come to chat. Once they are in your CRM you can nurture your leads and build better relationships with them.

Their free plan does not offer all of these features so be considerate of that when choosing FreshChat as a service for live chat.

Here is their pricing structure: (Annual Pricing Shown)


HelpShift is a new kid on the block when it comes to live chat. They have built a platform around generating sales to help your business succeed. The future of live chat depends on AI and with HelpShift, you get a suite of products for AI that can help your business generate sales even when you are not available.

HelpShift is a little on the pricey side of live chat, if you are a business just starting out this may not be the best option for you. Here is their pricing:

As you can see the prices are very steep and they require you to purchase under a contract and with a minimum of 5 seats. This can easily cost thousands for your business but we had to mention them for their platform is really strong.


Just like their name implies you can talk to your clients completely free and unlimited. You can have as many agents as you want and can embed the live chat on as many websites as you want.

The coolest feature of TawkTo is the ability to hire people to answer your live chats for you for as little as $1 an hour. This is a huge plus for you, for example, if you close at 5 PM you can hire someone until you come in the next day at 9 AM. This will only cost you $14 for the night which is super cheap instead of hiring someone to just answer your live chats.

The features of TawkTo are very basic but they get the job done for live chat:

If you need a secure live chat option then this is one of the software you will want to consider, they offer encryption of your chats. You can also do group messaging which is a plus if you need to chat with multiple customers at the same time, think of it as a conference call but through chat. The best part of the software is the ability to have a translation with different languages as chats come through. If you need to accept payment through chat you can do that too.

Another favorite of ours for TawkTo is the ability to customize the widget for live chat. You can easily upload designs for your widget and deploy them across your sites automatically. Here are some examples:

SalesIQ from Zoho

SalesIQ has come a long way for live chat, when we tested it out a few months ago we found it to lack features that our business needed but offers a lot of features that may benefit you. SalesIQ is more than just a live chat software, you can also track visitors and have analytics rolled all into the software. This gives you benefits because you can learn about your visitors in real time as well as generating reports based on scenarios. You can use this software to support your customers too and integrate with Zoho’s helpdesk software.

If you are selling online SalesIQ can integrate with it and offer powerful insights into the customer and their purchase. Currently, SalesIQ integrates with Open Cart, Magento, Shopify platforms for e-commerce. If you want to learn more about the integrations of SalesIQ you can learn more here.

Here is the pricing of SalesIQ: (Monthly)

Crisp Chat

Crisp chat offers a  lot of innovative features for live chat. Some of the features we love are automation and canned responses. With automation, you can target customers visiting certain pages. For example, if you have a customer visiting your pricing page you can send them a proactive chat asking if they have questions about pricing. Another great feature of Crisp is the ability to create campaigns for your clients. This can be a fun way to interact with your clients.

Here is an example of what your dashboard would look like:

Crisp chat allows you to stream customer data to the platform and have insights into your customers as you chat with them without having to go to another platform. This comes in handle in e-commerce scenarios where you can display the orders of the customer and answer questions about those right in chat without having to go to another platform and look up the order details. If you are a software company you can integrate the platform to display things of your users such as the plan they are on, marketing status and more.

We have found that the integrations offer a  lot of benefits to you if you plan on using this platform. The best benefit is the ability to use bots to communicate with chats, bots offer an automated way to provide information for clients and leads.

As you can see the pricing for Crisp chat is a little different than the rest of the providers we mentioned. instead of paying per agent you pay as a team which offers extreme cost savings. The best plan comes with all of the features we talked about and offers unlimited amounts of agents.


Kustomer is a great service to use for live chat as it really focuses on the relationship you build with the client during the live chat session. The customer timeline is the most valuable asset you can have as a business and kustomer offers just that. You can monitor how your customers have made their journeys so far with your business right inside of the platform. If your customers make a move you can be notified within the application and make proactive decisions to better suit the customers and provide exceptional service.

Omnichannel is the way to go with live chat. If your customer starts chatting with you on your website but then wants to continue the conversation on Facebook you can easily do that with Kustomer. Some other features are the ability to receive text messages and chat with customers through that channel, the ability to store customer data for a minimum of 13 months.

Workflows are an important part of a business but they are even more important in live chat to nurture leads and customers. With Kustomer you can create custom workflows that allow you to do almost anything with your client or their data.

Here is the pricing for Kustomer: (Monthly)

Unlike other powerful chat options, Kustomer does not require you to have a minimum user count which means you can scale as much as you need. The platform is more than just a live chat solution it can replace your helpdesk also. Kustomer allows you to interact with your customers in a more meaningful way, they have an option to track the sentiment of the conversation to score leads and customers for better service.


Chatra is a bare-bones live chat solution for your website. It does a phenomenal job at offering a solution to growing businesses. Although there are not a lot of integrations with the platform you can easily provide live chat with basic setup that only takes minutes. Chatra offers a free plan with unlimited amounts of agents but only one agent can be online at a time.

Chatra offers some features such as Use on multiple websites, E-mail chat transcripts, Read receipts, SSL-encryption. Chatra pricing is very straightforward here is their pricing:


There are thousands of software providers out there that specialize in live chat. We still recommend PureChat as the go to provider for live chat. If you have feedback please leave it below in the comments.

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