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XCE Servers are managed by our team 24/7 and guaranteed with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, our support is simple, we will do the work. Speak to a pro today and speak about enterprise servers provided by Xenon Cloud Inc. 

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24/7 Team

Our team works around the clock to manage your server so you can focus on doing business and let our team manage your infrastructure. 

Data Backup

Our team will do daily backups of your server so you will not lose data, this ensures you are always running at the maximum capacity you can.

Intelligent Design

Taking inspiration from modern principles in design we will coordinate with you on how to design your infrastructure to fit your business needs. 

Launch Quickly

Get up and running in days instead of weeks when you choose Xenon Cloud to migrate you to the cloud. 

More features to love

Xenon Cloud Enterprise offers more features that you will love for your business than our competitors. 

Weakness Detection

Dedicated Mail Instances

Enhanced Security

Dedicated Support Team

Staging Environments 

Enterprise Rollback*

Weakness Detection

Our team will scan your instance weekly to find any fault or weakness that may affect your business, then we will intervene and fix the problem before it simply becomes that, a problem.

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Dedicated Mail Instances

We understand sending email to and from your applications is a must have for your business, that is why we will configure an instance to do solely that so your main servers never have to worry about the workload. 

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Enhanced Security

We keep the logins to your servers safe using military grade encryption so prying eyes can never access your data. Our stronghold on your passwords will never be seen by anyone other than those working on your case. 

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Customer support on the standby

Our team of experts are always on call for your needs whether you need us to command line into your server and create a backup for you we have you covered. Our team will do the work since we manage your server.

Stage as you want

When you subscribe to Xenon Cloud for Enterprise you get a staging environment for your use to build before you deploy. This allows you to build with confidence and limits the risk of you making a mistake n a production server. 

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Daily Backups

If you need a rollback of your server to the previous day we will gladly do that for you, when you have a server with Xenon Cloud it is backed up daily. 

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