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Heap analytics is a powerful cloud-based tool to analyze how visitors and users interact with your website or app. We have been using Heap for about a month now and have never been more delighted with an analytics software. Within hours of installing the tracking code, we were able to start seeing the results of our visitors and how they were interacting with our website. Heap has provided us with valuable insights into how people are using our site and how we can better it.

Example graph from our test website

With Heap, we are able to see a user-friendly graph of almost any metric we have tracked within the platform. They have four different charting options, which are Line, Bar, Pie, and table. You can easily choose which one you want to see when looking at a metric.

We are able to run queries on almost anything such as page views and sessions. You can also run queries on other things too but those are the most common ones used. If you want to analyze how your visitors are doing things on your site then you will want to go with Heap.

Here are some of the things you can see with Heap:

You can view almost anything about your visitor with the properties option in Heap.

Our favorite part of Heap is the ability to view raw events of our users, this allows us to see how users are interacting with our site. Here is an example:

Customer Support:

Customer support is very slow with responses it took 8 hours for a rep to respond to our request and they did not give us the information we needed but simply told us the thing we were requesting was possible. The support documentation is lacking a very basic fundamental aspect. It does not tell you how to do things, it just explains the features of Heap and offers very little insights.


For a company this size, you would think they have an online community for users to help other users but they do not.


Overall the platform is really good and has a lot of potential but we have found a big hiccup in the service with slow response times from support. This is a big flag for us as it shows they do not take customers very serious and their concerns.


Powerful System
Easy to use


Slow customer support

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