How to sell tickets on your website

Selling tickets can be a great way to generate money for your business. In this guide, we will go over how to sell tickets on your website. There are many ways to sell tickets on your website through plugins or embeds.

Woocommerce Event Ticket

Woocommerce is a very powerful tool for e-commerce it can be extended greatly such as allowing you to sell tickets to events on your website. This is a plugin for WordPress and is a premium plugin which means you will have to pay for it at a one time charge. The good news about this is you don’t have to pay third party fees when selling tickets, all you have to pay for is the credit card processing fees. Woocmmerce Event Tickets is a very simple plugin to set up and can be done in under an hour. Some features of Woocommerce Event Tickets are below:

  • Easily create and manage tickets
  • Add as many tickets as you wish to a given event
  • Set prices, stock, SKU and timeline for tickets to be sold.
  • Customize email template to send tickets to customers
  • Manage attendee info and order info on the backend
  • Export attendee list to CSV
  • Use barcode and QR code for event ticket management
  • Customers can check ticket info on mobile
  • Customers can scan codes with their phones to check in
  • Buy multiple tickets at once and send them to multiple addresses for friends.
  • Customers can use e-tickets or printed tickets

You can download Woocommerce Event Tickets by visiting the following URL.

You can also use another type of software, you can use software that allows you to sell tickets and places an embed on your website. There are thousands of solutions that can be done but we will go over a few in this section.


FooEvents adds powerful event and ticketing functionality to WooCommerce. Sell tickets or allow free registration for practically any type of events such as a concert, church camp, school function, fundraiser, conference, or sports fixture. FooEvents will have you up and running within minutes. No technical skills needed! FooEvents is the most comprehensive plugin we have seen so far for events and ticket management. FooEvents even offers a mobile app to redeem the tickets through the app at the door of the event. Here is a preview of the app.

If you are a non-profit FooEvents offers a 50% off coupon for purchasing this plugin which is great for budget restrained non-profits. If you want to download FooEvents follow the link below.

Ticket Biscuit


If you’re selling tickets to live events, there’s simply no more efficient way than to sell them online. TicketBiscuit provides a secure, easy-to-use interface that integrated seamlessly with your website, where customers complete the entire ticket purchase. The TicketBiscuit-powered content matches the look and feel of your site, and saves you from the expense and effort normally required to keep your site up-to-date. Reserved seating, general admission, and multiple price tiers are no problem. Every transaction is completely secure and protected with 128-bit encryption, the standard for e-commerce.

The best part? Ticket sales money is direct-deposited directly into your bank account as sales occur, meaning you don’t have to wait until after the event to get paid.



Nightout’s user interface is one of the most beautiful ones we have seen when trying to sell tickets on your website. Nightout is a comprehensive solution to selling tickets and purchasing them. The website allows you to advertise your event on the site and gain traction that way. The pricing structure of Nightout is very friendly to people trying to sell tickets here is a preview of the pricing:

We recommend going with the custom plan as it offers more solutions for your money. Some features of Nightout are the ability to embed the tickets sales on your website and customize the styling to match your website which is a plus for trying to maintain a brand. You can invite as many team members as you want to the platform to manage tickets and help with the administration of them.

The best part of the platform is the support, the support offers so many options for you to contact them such as email, phone and chat support. Another good part of the platform is the ability to analyze your event attendees. If you go with the custom plan and are planning to launch a huge event Nightout will provide staff for the event that can help with ticketing. The only downside of the custom plan is you have to sell a minimum amount of tickets which would not be good for small events.


TicketLeap offers a solution to selling tickets simply on the web. TicketLeap offers the ability to embed the event on your website but does not allow custom styling of the widget which can create a branding craze on your website. TicketLeaps pricing is very simple here is a preview of the pricing:

As you can see the pricing is very transparent and we have found no hidden fees when using this platform. If you connect your own PayPal account you get the money immediately as the ticket purchases come in which is good for you to have that money on hand for other needs of your business or non-profit.

Here is an example of a ticket purchase page:

As you can see the event page is very simple for your guess to navigate and offers all of the details of the event on one page which is good for people with questions. Below is the process of selling on TicketLeap:



EventBrite is one of the largest ticket suppliers other than TicketMaster. You can capitalize on that by using their platform to reach 50 million people who already use their platform. EventBrite has been doing ticket sales for over a decade now and has a proven platform for success. If you want to experience a fluid approach to selling tickets then you will go with EventBrite. EventBrite allows you to sell tickets on their platform and on your website.

Here is the pricing for EventBrite:

We recommend going with the professional plan as this offers more features and allows you to sell on your website. If you are doing an event with just one type of admission then the essentials plan is for you which offers low-cost solutions to one type of events. The professional plan allows you to embed ticket sales on your website so if you want the visitors to purchase directly from you this is the best option for you. The professional plan allows you to customize the checkout form so if you need to you can, for example, ask for T-Shirt size of the attendee if you are giving out T-Shirts or customize any field and ask for additional data to use for marketing.

If you are planning on having a large event the best method of selling tickets is to contact EventBrite as they have customized solutions for large events. You will also get 24/7 phone support and a dedicated customer success manager. Like other options we have discussed EventBrite can also provide staffing for your event for ticketing if this is a large event.



TicketTailor is a smaller competitor in the mix but offers no fees for the tickets you sell which is a plus. TicketTailor operates its pricing model as such:

As you can see TicketTailor takes the approach of charging a monthly fee, this is not beneficial if you do one or two events a year so if you plan on doing one event we would recommend going with another solution. Although if you are not running an event you can switch to the free plan and maintain your data.

Here is a price comparison if you were to have 5 events and sell 1,000 tickets each priced at $25.00

As you can see you will save a lot of money if you use TicketTailor. TicketTailor offers a lot of features for selling tickets online such as Stripe & PayPal support, Zapier integration, and MailChimp Support. Our favorite feature of TicketTailor is the ability to edit your box office.


As you can see you have plenty of options for selling tickets online, if you have a suggestion to this post please share in the comments.



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