Optimizing your website for success

Optimizing your website does not have to be a difficult task, there are a few things you can do to optimize your website. Things such as SSL and Caching are most important for optimizing your website but there are a few other things you can do also to maximize the optimization of your site. When you optimize your site you are making it easily accessible by search engines and people. Below are all the ways you can optimize your website.


Analyze your site before you go live to make sure there are no errors and ensure you make note of the changes that need to occur. When analyzing your site look at different aspects of the website such as navigation, overall content, images and so forth. By analyzing your website you are getting the first-hand experience of the user and what they will be seeing giving you insight on how a user would use your website.

Review Competitors

When optimizing your website you want to know what your competitors are up to and find a way to bring success to your site like they are having. A good rule of thumb is to take a look at 5 or 10 different websites to see how they are set up and what kind of keywords they are using. A good tool to do this is the Google Keyword Planner which can be found here. You can put in a domain name and search the keywords the website is using and even how much the keywords cost to advertise with.

Place Keywords

When writing content and optimizing your website you want to strategically place keywords throughout your content. Be sure to not overdo it as this is considered keyword spamming and can lead to being penalized by search engines. Include keywords in header tags, title tags, meta tags, anchor text used to describe links and URL of new pages. This will ensure you start gaining traction with search engines.

Traffic Reports

These reports give you valuable insight into your website and its traffic. By creating traffic reports and tracking visitors you can see which pages are performing and which pages need improvement with SEO. If you are not building reports or using a tool such as Google Analytics you will be wanting to do this for at least 30 days to gain all the data needed for an accurate portrayal of your sites stats.


Just like in real life your, your website needs to network too ( No pun intended). Having other reputable sites link to yours will give search engines better ratings of your site. Here is a good article on doing just this.


Creating a sitemap allows search engines to easily index your site by reading the file and knowing which pages to visit. You can create a sitemap with free tools such as XML Sitemaps. You can easily download the sitemap once you are done and upload it to Google after you perform the scan. This tool is completely free to use. If you are using WordPress there are plugins to help you generate sitemaps and submit them to Google.


Having proper code is not required for good SEO but having code that allows search engines to properly index your site is. Google works by scanning the HTML of your website for information pertaining to it. If it cannot properly do that you are affecting your SEO rank. A google thing to do is validate your code you can do this for free at https://validator.w3.org/. If you find errors be sure to fix them before resubmitting your site to Google.


When you host with Xenon Cloud you get a free SSL certificate so you do not need to purchase one. If you are not hosting with Xenon Cloud you can start by visiting here. Google is now marking sites as unsafe if they do not have a valid SSL certificate installed on the site. You can easily get an SSL for free with ZeroSSL.


Caching is essential in optimizing your website. There are plugins that can do it if you are using WordPress. If you are not using WordPress you can Google how to enable caching on your website and hosting account.


Minimizing your images and files can prove to be very beneficial to you. Not only does it save bandwidth when you minimize the images on your website it also allows the page to load faster which improves SEO. When your pages load faster visitors can get to your business faster. You can use tools such as http://compressimage.toolur.com/ to minimize your images. You also want to minimize your files such as JavaScript and CSS. You can use tools such as https://cssminifier.com/ to minify your CSS.


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