Creating the palette

Xenon Cloud was tasked to create a color scheme for Aegle Beauty LTD. After consulting and much research the final colors were decided on and design started with assets and a logo.

These colors make up a traditional organic feel of earth’s tones that play well with all design assets. This is the goal, to have a color palette that tells a story but works with all assets that need to be created such as logos, graphics and CSS work on websites.

A logo built for a brand

Launching an attractive and scalable brand quickly requires a highly recognizable logo, the narcissus flower was the winner.


As you learn about the brand of Aegle beauty Ltd. you cannot help but notice the stunning logo created from a derivative to the narcissus flower.

The logo was chosen after surveying hundreds of people on their thoughts of the logo and how they felt toward it. The logo won out of three and was chosen to represent the brand of Aegle Beauty Ltd.

The Perfect Website

Launching a website is a daunting task and many start-ups require outside help. Xenon Cloud worked collaboratively with Aegle Beauty Ltd to design the perfect website and brand it accordingly, while optimizing the site to run in a Xenon Cloud Enterprise environment.

Experience quality

The consulting power of Xenon Cloud is endless, with our contract with Aegle Beauty Ltd they needed some help with taking the best pictures for their online store. We helped with our in-house photography talent to help Aegle Beauty Ltd. accomplish the goals they had for product images.