Aegle Banner

A logo built for a brand

Launching an attractive and scalable brand quickly requires a highly recognizable logo, the narcissus flower was the winner.

As you learn about the brand of Aegle beauty Ltd. you cannot help but notice the stunning logo created from a derivative to the narcissus flower.

Aegle Beauty Logo

Experience Quality

The consulting power of Xenon Cloud is endless, with our contract with Aegle Beauty Ltd they needed some help with taking the best pictures for their online store. We used our internal photographer to help Aegle Beauty Ltd take pictures for their website.

The Perfect Website

Launching a website is a daunting task and many start-ups require outside help. Xenon Cloud worked collaboratively with Aegle Beauty Ltd to design the perfect website and brand it accordingly, while optimizing the site to run in a Xenon Cloud Enterprise environment.
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Finding Xenon Cloud was one of the most impactful business decisions I have made. Their customer support is quick to respond and resolve any issues or questions you may have. They take the time to understand your needs and wants and provide a finished product with such quality and speed. I am glad to have found them and I look forward to continuing my relationship with Xenon Cloud.
Jacob Quinones CEO/Founder

The outcome of our work with Aegle Beauty Ltd

Xenon Cloud provided the following services to Aegle Beauty Ltd, Web Design, Hosting, Consultations, I.T Support
Xenon Cloud was tasked with creating a brand and infrastructure for Aegle Beauty Ltd. After much collaboration, a website was launched with the infrastructure to support it powered by and XCE Server. As our team helped Aegle Beauty Ltd with getting started online we provided support from our very own team, our staff content writer and photographer helped Aegle Beauty Ltd with creating descriptions for products and taking the pictures that are displayed on the site.