Why we moved from Kayako to HelpScout

Our business is evolving and so is the software we use. We have been searching for weeks for a helpdesk solution that will work with our business. After much consideration, we have decided to leave Kayko and start using HelpScout. In this article we will go over all the benefits of HelpScout and why we made the switch.

Why we chose Kayako in the first place:

Kayako offered a powerful helpdesk we could host ourselves through one of our servers. We used the Kayako Classic download option. The main reason we chose Kayako was the ability to integrate it with our billing platform. This enabled us to provide support to everyone logged in. The software offered more insights into our tickets as well as some basic automation. The software did not work well with other apps and software, it required a lot of design and development. This took time away from our developers and prevented them from working on our cloud. Kayako offered unlimited mailboxes so we could create as many as we wanted to be in our support system.

Why we started looking elsewhere:

Why we needed something else that could integrate with our other tools and worked with Zapier. That is why we ended up with HelpScout. HelpScout allowed us to create custom apps that work with the platform and display vital information in our tickets summary. This allowed us to view everything about a client without having to log into our account management system. This created streamlined experiences. We could even trigger certain things such as sending a password reset email to a customer.

We needed to simplify our support process and create automated workflows, HelpScout allowed us to do just that. With HelpScout we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and ticket reduction times. HelpScout allowed us to use a cloud-based platform to deliver great customer satisfaction.

Our choice of HelpScout:

We chose HelpScout because of the powerful integrations the platform offered. With HelpScout we can trigger automatic workflows through Zapier to integrate with the other tools we use. HelpScout allowed us to have multiple knowledge bases which are a win for us since we have multiple sites and each site requires a knowledge base. HelpScout also offers a fast way to respond to tickets with their software and allows collaboration with Slack amongst our customer experience experts. HelpScout allowed us to eliminate another costly software by allowing us to create shared inboxes, this really helped our sales team better collaborate. We chose HelpScout finally for their transparent pricing and superior support staff. Whenever we had a question it was always answered in minutes instead of waiting for our account representative from Kayako to respond to us.

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