Why you should be using a VPN


VPN stands for virtual private network. The network part, well, that’s easy. It’s basically a bunch of computers that share various resources. Private? That one’s pretty self-explanatory. The “virtual” bit is where things get a little more complicated.

When you connect to a VPN, all the data that gets sent from your device to the private network at the other end (and back) is “encapsulated.” Each packet of data gets put inside another packet — think putting a letter into an envelope to keep its contents from being read during transport. The envelope could still be opened, though. That’s why organizations like the CIA put tamper-proof tape over the flap. With a VPN connection, encryption is the tamper-proof tape. Some VPNs use SSL for encryption (just like secure websites do). Others might use IPSec or PPTP.

The end result is a sort of network-within-a-network, but because of encapsulation and encryption, your connection to a VPN remains private even though the data you’re transmitting is moving over the very public Internet.

Why use a VPN:

Browsing the internet in a private window can only do so much. Your ISP can still see the traffic you visit as well as use it for marketing purposes. If you want to mask yourself on the internet then a VPN is for you.

Here is a list of reasons and the explanation for each one:

Banking: If you perform online banking you want to make sure your connection is private and not seen by other people. You want to protect your money and sensitive information such as routing and account numbers.

Social Media: Some countries block access to social media, if you want to avoid being blocked you can use a VPN to hide your traffic.

Emailing: If you are sending emails you never would want someone to know your communications. To enable better security for email use an encrypted provider like ProtonMail.

Shopping: You just bought a pair of shoes and you are wondering if your transaction was secure. By using a VPN while shopping you are protecting your credit card information that is sent over the network.

Public WiFi: If you are using public wifi anyone can view what you are browsing. You can secure your browsing by using a VPN.

If you want to sign up for a VPN service we recommend NordVPN.

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