Why you should be using surveys

Surveys allow you to collect valuable data from customers or event attendees. You can use this data to better market or use it for customer satisfaction to gauge how you are doing. We use surveys here at Xenon Cloud to collect data about trends in the non-profit sector and also web hosting. We also use surveys to collect data about our current products and ask for feedback about our current services. Here are a few reasons why you should be using surveys:

1. Measuring Customer Loyalty

When you conduct a survey to measure customer loyalty you are getting valuable insights into how your customers feel about your brand. The most common survey type is a Net Promoter Score. This is a quick way to gauge how you are doing and also ask for quick feedback on how to improve. If you create a dependency on your product your customers will be loyal for a very long time, companies that do that already are Apple, Coca-Cola. Think of these companies and how loyal their customer base is to them and solely them.

Some ways for you to measure customer loyalty are:

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This metric indicates the likeliness of your customer referring you to her friends. She answers this simple question with a value between 1 – 10.

Repurchase Ratio

This measures the ratio of repeat purchasers over one-time purchasers. A purchase is at the core of a commercial relationship, which makes this metric a valid representation of customer loyalty.

Upselling Ratio

This tracks the ratio of customers who’ve bought more than one type of product divided by the customers who’ve bought only one. This sounds similar to the Repurchase Ratio, but it’s different because it concerns another product.

Customer Loyalty Index (CLI)

This is a standardized tool to track customer loyalty over time, and it incorporates the values of NPS, repurchasing, and upselling.

It calculates all three values with an NPS-like questionnaire on a 6-point scale. 1 stands for “Definitely Yes”, 6 stands for “Definitely No”.

How much would you miss us?

This is an alternative to the NPS score. You ask your customers how much they’d miss you if your company would cease to exist tomorrow.

2. Discovering the Source of Customer Acquisition

To maximize the results of your marketing campaigns you need to know where your customers are coming from. If you are advertising on Twitter but the majority of your customers are coming from Facebook, then maybe this type of survey will help you understand what you can do to improve your results across the board with marketing campaigns. A simple question to find out about where your customers are coming from is to ask “How did you hear about our brand?” this questions will surely get you the insights you need when trying to figure out where your customers are coming from.

3. Identifying Habitual Buying Behavior

When you ask your customers about buying behavior you gain insights into why they purchase from you or what makes them choose your competitors over you. Survey your customers about where they like to shop and list all of your competitors. Let them choose and see which competitors stand in your customer’s way. Understand how they prefer to buy and focus on improving their experience according to their answers. If your customers like to purchase off of a Facebook shop maybe you should market better on that platform and then conduct another survey to see how you are doing after you have made improvements.

4. Figuring Out Why Your Prospects Haven’t Bought

Conducting research on why your customers have not bought can enable you to properly market to them and then gain their sales. Doing surveys can help to target the prospects who have left your sales process before buying your products. They could have downloaded a few e-books, checked your emails on a consistent basis, but they may have eventually got stuck in the shopping cart. You can figure out what made them say no by asking them the right questions. Try to ask questions of which answers will lead you to the main cause of their leaving. Moreover, through these surveys, you can ask your prospects what would make them come back and buy.

5. Acquiring Feedback on Your Products

Feedback is a very powerful tool to make your site better. Take a look at how Xenon Cloud collects feedback from customers that use our website.

We use Hotjar to gather feedback about our website. This tool helps us gauge how people are using our website and how they feel about its design. You can easily add Hotjar to your website by visiting Hotjar on the web.  Although this does not collect feedback on our products but just our site we also send our monthly surveys to see how our customers feel about our products and what we can improve. If a customer has a good idea on how to improve maybe mention them in a blog post when you release product updates and thank them for the contribution. This lets other users know you are listening and hear their voices.

6. Analyzing the Customer Experience

To strengthen the connections between you and your customers, you absolutely have to care. Customers see that, and they will always appreciate brands that are looking after their needs and problems. Use a customer satisfaction survey, which allows the customer to rate his experience with your product using 1 to 10 indicators. If you’re willing to listen to your customers and leverage their critiques, your company will grow in value and power sooner than you think.


Conducting surveys can be a huge asset to your business and offer valuable insight into why your customers are with you in the first place. if you want to start conducting surveys on the internet a great place to start is by using Google Forms, or Paperform. We use both of these tools and they are very powerful. If you have suggestions about future blog post please let us know in the comments.

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