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No problem we have set up a community for you to ask your questions in. All you have to do is click the button to the right and you will be directed to the community for XenonSite.

1. Before you get started

You will need a domain name. If you have not purchased a domain yet you can do so here.

Once you have purchased the domain you need to create an (A) record and point it to the server IP in the email you receive.

2. Is it really free?

Yes, as a non-profit we want to bring a website to everyone who wants one. So we are offering our website builder for free.

3. What is I need more storage space?

If you need more storage space you can upgrade your plan for $15 a year and get 1GB of storage.

4. Do you have templates?

Our website builder has over 190+ templates you can choose from to start building your website. If you need help picking the right template to reach out to others in the community.

5. Can I import a website?

Sadly if you already have a website you will not be able to import it into our builder. You will have to create a new website, but don’t worry your site does not have to go live right away.

6. Why are you offering this for free?

We believe everyone should have a website. We are the first non-profit web hosting and cloud computing provider and we believe in giving back to the community.

6. What if I need help?

You can reach out to the community here. If you would like to purchase a support package email our sales team at sales@xenoncloud.org


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If you need support for a question you have to refer to our community for XenonSite Basic.

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